Photo Retouching services

Retouching services can be performed on prints, tintype prints, slides, negatives, glass plate negatives, positive slides and digital images.

What we can do:

  • Repair spots & tears
  • Restore color
  • Add color to ‘blown out’ spots from too much flash or sunlight
  • Replace backgrounds
  • Remove or add people
  • Head & subject swapping
  • Blemish & red-eye removal
  • Background swapping
  • And much more...
Photo Restorations

How We Restore Images

We scan your original photo, negative, chrome slide, positive film, tintype photos, or glass plate, then improve and repair your image digitally. After the digital restoration is complete, we produce a photographic quality print of the repaired image that will last for many years. 

You have the option to save the restoration to a CD! No harm is done to your original photo and when we are finished, you will be able to order prints for your newly repaired digital image in nearly any size.


Restoration fees are charged at the rate of $65/hour. A $50 deposit is required on all restoration jobs over $50. All jobs are quoted an estimated price prior to starting.

Service Time

Typical service time for photo restoration services is 2-4 weeks, depending on the extent of restoration needed.

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