Sensor cleaning Service

One Time Cleaning $39.95

Q. How does the image sensor in my camera get dirty?

A. Dust from the environment enters the mirror cage of the camera when changing lenses. Zoom lenses with external moving zoom mechanisms also draw in air and dust into the mirror cage when they are zoomed in and out. The dust particles inside the mirror cage are attracted to the image sensor as the shutter blades move up and down. The dust particles collect on a piece of glass in front of the sensor called the low-pass filter.

Sensor Cleaning

Q. What can I do to keep dust from getting on to my image sensor?

A. You cannot totally prevent the dust problem but you can minimize it. Before changing lenses, turn the camera off, face the camera and lens in a downward position, and then quickly but carefully change lenses. Keep the back of your lenses clean, as well as the back cap and camera body cap. Try to keep the external moving zoom barrels of your zoom lens clean, but there is only so much you can do here as dust particles will always be in the envi-ronment collecting on the lens. Eventually, a professional cleaning is needed to remove all the embedded dust particles on the image sensor.

Q. When should I bring my camera in for sensor cleaning?

A. Cleaning the image sensor of your camera is comparable to cleaning the windshield of your car. The moment you start driving your car, you will slowly start to collect dust on the windshield. After you purchase a new camera or have the image sensor cleaned, it is only a matter of time before there are so many dust particles collected on your image sensor that the quality of your images are negatively affected. This could be within a month, six months, one year, it is hard to say. It depends on the environment in which you shoot and how well you take care of your camera. Even one large piece of dust can negatively affect the quality of your images. If you start noticing dust spots on your images, bring your camera in to us for a pro-fessional sensor cleaning before your next important event.

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